Monday, May 31, 2010

Utterly Exhausted

It’s such a whirlwind schedule that I’m starting to really struggle with taking it all in.  It’s hard to really, truly comprehend every where I’ve been, everything I’ve seen, done, and experience, and everyone I’ve met.

Today was the Czech Republic.  Instead of the usual spiel, I’ll summarize and just post pictures.  Castles (with bears), gardens, towers, views/mountains, shops, bad Central European food, cheap currency (more coins that I can’t convert back to usable money because no one wants it), mead, churches (though no pictures because I walked in on a rosary prayer group), rafters, and etc.

Love you all and miss you.  I am starting to get ready to come home!!!

Venice 076 Venice 077 Venice 078 Venice 002 Venice 003 Venice 004 Venice 006 Venice 011 Venice 013 Venice 015 Venice 016 Venice 018 Venice 022 Venice 023 Venice 029 Venice 031 Venice 034 Venice 036 Venice 041 Venice 052 Venice 053 Venice 055 Venice 057 Venice 060 Venice 062 Venice 075


  1. We love and miss you too! Your parents came in town this weekend and we threw Eric and Joy a going away/engagement party Sunday. Today we packed them up for their move to Memphis tomorrow. Max got a bath tonight, so you will have a clean puppy to come home too :) I bet Nueveo Laredo is sounding pretty awesome these days!!

  2. we are all ready for you to come home, get you a cat nap sometime during the day if you can. mom saw something on face book, it was a response ann had to jim, and i paraphrase "i don't know carmela doesnt respond to me any more." kind of made us both sad, ya'll used to be so close.
    just had sunday dinner, on monday, at nanno's. Harris weighs 10 pounds 4 ounces. they, don and wren, said they need to put some weight on him.
    we miss you, take a nap tommorrow.