Monday, May 24, 2010

Lazyish Monday

So not a super exciting day.  Lots of class.  Some sunshine.  A little exploration.  A gross, bread-heavy, pig-heavy meal and some vending machine beer.

After class, around 3 or so, I sprinted into town to enjoy the leftover daylight.  I hiked around the old castle wall, I think, that took me pretty far down the Danube and up to the top of the hill.  About half way down the trail, I took the stairs to Martinskirche, the oldest church in Austria (if you don’t count the renovations):

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My batteries that I bought yesterday were pretty much dead, so I couldn’t take too many pictures and it died every hiking picture I tried to take.  And today is the day after Pentecost so EVERYTHING is closed except for restaurants and bars, so I couldn’t buy any lithium batteries.

After hiking a few hours, I chilled to a Radler – beer mixed with lemonade.  Quite refreshing.  And a gross bacon-dumpling-thing that looked pretty but tasted gross.  I couldn’t even eat half of it.  But oh, well, maybe if I keep ordering gross things, I’ll lose weight!  I ate/drank at the Fisherhaus or something like that, but it had an outdoor beer garden right next to the pretty yellow house I like so much (see previous posts).

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I just balanced the old checkbook and showered.  Ready to do some laundry and sip a vending machine beer.  Maybe I can find some people to play cards with!

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  1. is anything you are picking up in class going to be useful to you in your plans for being an arbitrator? you already have your own holiday-arbor day.
    mom and i will be heading to davids this weekend, wren is going to atlanta and bogart till saturday, and don will stay here with the dogs. owen did not seem to be a happy camper today at football camp, he was going to talk to his mom on whethr he wanted to go back tommorrow or not.
    miss you and love you. i keep a picture of you here by the computor to remind me of my sweet baby