Wednesday, May 19, 2010


You know how on things like this you hear those stories year after year about that person that did such and such this year. "One year, we had this guy who ______ (fill in the blank with something that never really happens in real life but happened this one time randomly)." I might have become one of those people today because I think years from now, they will mention me on trips.

Tired due to the early wake up call and how late I stayed up the night before, I enjoyed my free breakfast like I do every morning. Then, prepared for a day in Germany, I loaded up onto a MERCEDES BENZ bus ready for a nice snooze. It's about a 2 hour bus ride from Linz to Passau, and with a mere 10k (6 miles) remaining on the trip, I wake up from my delightful nap, much to my horror, puking. All over me (head to toe soaking wet), the poor guy sitting next to me, and all over the exit ramp in front of me. Probably around 7 feet of projection. I'm sure it was motion sickness, but I was so tired, I slept through the warning signs.

Anyways, the bus pulls over and I'm standing outside in 40 degree weather soaking wet in my own sick. The bus unloads rapidly, but thankfully, no chain reaction sicks occurred. I WAS SO EMBARRASSED! But everyone was super cool about it - the bus driver was able to clean up the inside, and "with a little help from my friends," I got by as well. Jeanette cleaned me while Nana loaned her jacket (don't worry - I washed it) followed by a nice helping of dramamine from Raechel. So yes, I'm "TG" - that girl" - the type that throws up everywhere on the bus.

On the plus side, it was freezing cold and because we had to dress up for this trip, I was in a dress. Once in Passau, I was allowed (I would hope so) to skip the lecture to go get some non-thrown-up-on clothes, so I naturally found some great khaki jeans and a new orange fleece. It was hard because I couldn't try anything on because of the throw up, no one in the shopping district spoke a word of English and I had to buy all new clothes (including undergarments, which is difficult to MIME!), and all the sizes were European sizes. What the heck is 96J or a 42? I didn't know. So all things considered, I think I was able to pull off a decent outfit, but, as I told Jeanette, this ain't the first time I've thrown up on myself, so I think I'm pretty good under pressure! But, don't expect me there to be many pictures of me posted today. I felt gross all day until I was able to come home and shower.

Another plus to the TG incident, I got a few extra hours to explore the city solo - which is one of my favorite things to do when I travel! Professor Gorsuch, who was nice enough to lend me some of his German to help me find clothing stores, took me to St. Stephen's Cathedral, and when we got there, they were having a random concert. This church has the world's largest organ, so to get to hear it play for 45 minutes by those that now how was AMAZING. And because I'm so amazing, I video-taped it for you (until the security guy chased me down to tell me NEIN!) Enjoy:

And pictures from the church:

Pretty stunning, huh? So I spent the next few hours exploring antique shops and attempting conversations. I learned where to buy flip-flops and that Bavaria (the part of Germany where Passau is located) is known for it's porcelain dishes with gold plating and that Bavarians believe in hexes and are highly superstitious people. So basically, I really enjoyed myself. Some pictures from my shopping ventures (including authentic laderhozen):

Then I went church hopping. I went to St. Paul's and St. Michael's (where I said a few prayers for Fr. Payne!). They know how to build a church over here, let me tell you!
I then was able to meet up with everyone after the lecture, so we did some sight-seeing until it gold, wet and miserabler. Passau is a charming river town with three rivers meeting up, so there were some great views (if it were nicer out!) And apparently they've had some wicked floods as evidences by the water marker on the side of a building about half a block in from the river. Finally, we got hot chocolate and soup at a restaurant that used to be where executions occurred. We never confirmed this, but we all felt like people were executed in the room where we ate.
A problem-free bus ride home and about 4.5 hours worth of cleaning and de-vomiting my clothing, and here we are. See y'all tomorrow! I'm pooped!


  1. Sorry, I guess you inherited the weak stomach from me. It is funny how nice people can be when you throw up. Remember the Xmas trip when I threw up on the side of I-77 and you all were laughing at me. But the pictures of the churches and the organ music was phenomenal. Ans you got a new outfit out of the whole deal. Dad and I rush to read your blog everyday!! Thanks for taking the time to document it all. Hope you feel better. Love, Mom.

  2. That's the beauty of it - I never felt bad! I was sleeping soundly through the "feeling sick" part!

    Glad y'all enjoy the blog!

  3. Those churches are amazing!