Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hungary Hungary Hippo

In just a few short hours (most of which I hope I will be sleeping!), we will be leaving for Budapest, Hungary. I'm super excited about the trip, especially since $1.00 = 217HUF (florint, the currency of Hungary)! YES! I'M RICH!!! In preparation for the trip, today has been relatively low key.

Lectures this morning lasted FOREVER! We started at nine and went to three, with one break for lunch. I was long checked out. However, at breakfast, before the brutal onslaught of learning, I took pictures of these:

The yellow one is Chicken Spread, the blue one is Turkey Liver Spread, and the white one is Turkey Spread. When you open them, they look like cat food and they are placed next to butter, honey, and jams next to the melee of bread options. I don't know if I'll ever be brave enough to try one.

After lectures, we went to the Postlinger Basilica way up the top of one of the mountains. It's supposed to offer the best views of the city and you get to take a cool train ride up there. Almost 6Euro later, this is the only thing we can see at the top:

Thanks a lot, fog!

The Basilica itself was very pretty:

Like I said yesterday, they know how to make a church over here. Though I do want to know why there's a magazine in an Austrian basilica with Miley Cyrus on the cover???

It started raining, so I thought I would share an umbrella and hitch a ride with this guy in the mushroom patch??? I think it was some sort of children's garden that just had a couple of creepy statues.


  1. hey i am showing nannie how to post a comment so now she can comment on you escapades!! Love, Mom

  2. hello, I hope I can remember whaat your mother told , or rather showed me, whhat to do. It is awful to be so dumb!! I look forward to reading your notes every day. You are a great writer! You and anunt C. should get together and write a story about Mammie's life and experiences like the time she was going to have company for a week, and wanted to make a good impression on Pap's cousin so she took his watch to a pawqn shop and got enough money to buy that set of pink dishes your mother has. Or rather what is left of them. Be sweet and have lots of fun, and remember I love you. Nannie

  3. love the new orange fleece! Glad you have something to forever remember your TG incident