Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It was a numbers kind of day yesterday.

As previously indicated, class was very boring. We have this one professor (who seems very nice) but just maybe shouldn't ever speak in public. He's the epitome of the old guy who is no longer interesting thanks to History Channel. And he said "uh" 504 times in 45 minutes. That's an official count, not a fun estimate.

We had class pretty much all day, to make matters worse, I suppose, but despite the gorgeous morning yesterday, it got rainy and gross real quick. So we weren't missing much. It was too cold to go anywhere.

45 minutes after class, we had a Happy Hour sponsored by our host school, the Johannes Kepler University. They gave us some great food and plentiful beverages. A few of us then went to the first floor lobby "subsidized" bar for a couple more.

It's now 6am, and I'm getting ready to head down for breakfast before we leave for Passau, Germany. If the online pictures are any indication, I'm in for some gorgeous sight-seeing after the drive (or boat - I've heard both ways) and class-lecture there.

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