Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Been Awhile

Sorry it's been so long. Last weekend, Katie was in town for her birthday. Then, I had to drive to Jacksonville Monday for an interview. Then, Monday night, I got sick. I've stayed sick until now. I actually pulled a muscle in my chest from being sick, so it kinda hurts to breath and laugh, but that's slowly getting better, too. On the plus side, I lost a pound and a half.

Lots of Congrats are in order: Katie turned a quarter of a century last Friday. My grandfather celebrated his 93 or 94th birthday last Saturday. I rocked my job interview last Monday. Dad turned 72 yesterday. And Don and Wren closed on the sale of their first house yesterday, embarking on what I have done many times: living with Mom and Dad. So a pretty stressful, yet celebratory week all around.

I'm going home this weekend for Halloween. I'm resurrecting Carmaflodge from the Halloween costume graveyard, because Anne Boelyn is not done yet. Next year. I also have my last interview on Monday in Savannah. Hopefully, by the end of next week, I'll know where I'll be/what I'm doing next summer.

I also realize that I haven't done a movie in awhile. This makes me sad, but finals are coming, so I don't know if I'll be able to get a movie in any time soon. I don't think it should take me more than a year to review 100 movies, so I have a goal to finish them before a year comes up.

Finally, I saw two movies with Katie: Where The Wild Things Are and Paranormal Activity. I don't recommend either. Paranormal Activity kept me from sleeping for two nights, and if I'm still awake between 2 and 3 am, I still have a hard time. I just think Where the Wild Things Are missed the mark, and I don't normally judge movies on their books or vice versa.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Great Dog News!!!

Found out today that SAILOR (one of my last posts in September) has been adopted! He has been in his new home for two weeks and is doing very well.

AND, one of the dogs, CARTER, from my last post, went on a home visit today. Let's all hope it went well and that he's found his forever home.

That's all for now. School is getting CRAZY busy, so I have to go. Oral Argument next week and two interviews in the next two week. Plus outlines, papers, and exams vastly approaching. YIKES!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lists Are Awesome

I'm a list person. I like them.

The AFI Top 100 Films:
I have seen 35 of the Top 100 films.
Click here to see how many you have seen.

The Guardian's List of 1000 Novels Everyone Should Read (It's a GREAT list!!!):
I have read 43 of the 1000 Novels.
Click here to see how many you have read.

All of the Academy Award Nominees for Best Picture:
I have seen 95 of the 465 nominees.
This list only has 349 of the nominees on it, but it's the best I can do. Click to see how many you have seen.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Forgive My Legal Paranoia But I Don't Want to Be Fined $11,000

I do not now nor have I ever been compensated for this blog.

Two Really Awesome Doggies

These two dogs are just incredible and really deserve a good home. Dude's demeanor sorta reminds me of Max: very sweet and friendly but super skiddish. While we were walking, every five feet or so he would stop and look back at me to makes sure he wasn't in trouble! I constantly had to say "Good Dude" in a cheerful way. He's super soft and sweet and amazing.

Carter reminds me of Homer. He loves to jump up and wrap his arms around your waist and give you lots of kisses. He's full of energy and never met a stranger. He was great on a leash despite his massive amounts of energy and enjoyed sniffing and meeting people on our walk. At one point, we stopped and I just gave him lots of love! He can't get enough of it. He's gorgeous!!

Here are their pictures:



Monday, October 5, 2009

More pictures!

I got my waterproof camera developed today and LOVE the pictures on it! Hope you do, too!

We stumbled upon this amazing view of the mountains after getting lost on one of the trails in the rainforest. The pictures doesn't do it justice. This was the "take-you-breath-away" moment.

Can you find the rainforest critter? Right in the middle on one of the giant leaves is a little lizard. They were

There were some amazing views around every corner. A lot of the pictures were too dark (the waterproof camera didn't have a flash) even though we were there during the day. The trees were that thick.

The roar of the rivers actually helped us when we were lost. We figured if we got close enough to water, we would find a trail again.

This is La Mina Falls. The water was freezing but that didn't stop me! The powerful force of the falls is indescribable. Even when I was just knee deep, I thought it was going to pull me in.

La Mina Falls without me in them. Just as impressive as when I was in them!

I know this picture is dark, but I thought it was a pretty shot and sorta acurately portrayed the mountains and the dense jungle. That's Katie in the foreground.

This is me deflating the floats at the end of the camping trip in Augusta. They wouldn't fit in the car inflated, but they took forever to deflate! I was the best at it!

Our tents overlooking the lake! That's Kara taking pictures in the middle and Lindsey looking at her tent, hoping it would take itself down!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Things You Should Never Be Without in Law School

  • chapstick - but, okay, this applies to life in general
  • a fork - plates and napkins are nice, but bulky, especially when you can always use a paper towel from the bathroom; the fork is for leftover free meals in the lobby or microwaved meals you brought from home
  • a facebook account - what law students did before facebook, I'll never know
  • a pen - pens are rapidly becoming obsolete with so many people taking notes on laptops; this year, lexis/west/barbri/pmbr rarely give them out when last year, every event had them for free; and, when they are given out these days, it's done in a 'whoa'-retro-pen type of way
  • tylenol
  • a water bottle (see prior)
  • at least one case book and one supplement - if nothing else, to make myself hope that at some point I'll use them to study with, even though we all know they are just for show
  • sunglasses on the top of your head - if you leave them in your purse, they inevitably get broken when you put your bags (with the aforementioned case book and supplement) down
  • a phone with a text messaging plan - for when facebook chat breaks and gmail is down
  • body spray - because the smell of the mold in the library needs masking
  • a bitter sarcasm accompanied with disbelief in the system - all law students have this, no matter how idealistic or naive they are; it takes approximately 6 weeks to develop upon entering law school - though some get it much sooner
  • a useless parking pass - not to mention the six flights of stairs in the urine filled stairwell at 9pm
  • caffeine
  • an alternative career path - not because you think you'll fail at law, but because it's nice to dream of jobs that don't require 3000 billable hours a year
  • gym clothes - you never know when the need to work out immediately in order to get rid of some angst will hit
  • a real lawyer's phone number - because we're all sitting around waiting for that moldy banana peel to trip us
  • my own business card - it's my token "who am I kidding, this networking ploy won't get me a job" item
  • My to do lists - they are made on old guest check pads from the years I've waited tables
  • a sweater - Urban Life Building remains a balmy 45 degrees year round, except after 8pm when the temperature rises to 120 degrees.
  • A Crush on a Professor - another item all law students have. I LOVE YOU STEPHENS!