Saturday, May 15, 2010

Feeling Lame

I couldn't shake the tired today, and the beer at dinner didn't help. About ten of us were too old to go out - we're lame and exhausted - but I think one more good night of sleep and I'll be fine.

Going to high mass in the morning with a group of Protestants at the Mariendom Cathedral AKA "New Cathedral" - it's only about 150 years old.

All my pictures today are rainy and whatnot and it's supposed to stay frigid and rainy until Monday. Plus EVERYTHING is closed on Sundays, so we're going to walk around some more tomorrow, but I don't know if much will get accomplished. I'll have to do some homework for class Monday morning (boo), but hopefully, a fun little pub visit and some (*dry, warm* fingers crossed) sight-seeing will be included in the festivities.

At the very least, I'll have energy for a real blog post.

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