Tuesday, June 1, 2010

An Unexciting Day

Today we sat in lectures for over five hours with a grand total of three five-minute breaks.  So that was exhausting.  I also had a list of GRA stuff to take care of and a mandatory reception given by the University of Johannes Kepler.

After managing time for snickers bar and a shower, I’m just now sitting down to sift through about 150 pages of reading to do for tomorrow’s 5-hour lecture.  This thing is completely exhausting.  After a hellacious spring semester and this non-stop program, I’m going to need some serious R&R when I get home!!!  Be prepared to pamper me!

Today was also the first day I didn’t take a single picture.  Sorry, but I don’t think pictures from lectures or me collecting money from people or making room assignment lists or reading law review articles about multi-party arbitration would be interesting.  And that’s all I’ve done all day.

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