Monday, February 23, 2009

One week away.

Spring Break starts in a week so I just have to make it through three more days of classes! I've officially moved all my stuff out of the house except my furniture. Me mum an' Da' are coming up this weekend to help and to watch David and Lauren play in the semi-finals for tennis and to take us to Nuevo La Redo. I'm pretty excited.

I also started a new project today that I may or may not ever finish. I'm writing a sitcom about law school. I will share more details once I figure out the copyright information to insure that no lurkers out there steal my awesome idea.

I wish I had a fun story or anecdote to share. I feel like I'm full of them until it's time to write.

I have a few thoughts on the Oscars I want to share. First, when did it become a style to stuff your boobs into a strapless dress that they don't fit into? It seems like all the ladies last night had one on. Second, for the second year in a row, I have not seen a single one of the films nominated. For anything. Not just the best picture nominees, but cinematography, actors, writing, etc. I aim to fix this for next year's Oscars.

Time for My Movie List:
100. The Three Muskateers
99. Independence Day
98. Kindergarten Cop
97. Hook
96. Beetlejuice
95. Mulan (1998)/Aladdin (1992)

What They Are:
Disney cartoons. I couldn't decide between the two but ultimately decided that it's my list and if I want two films to be #95 then I can! Mulan takes place in Ghengis Kahn China and involves a young girl pretending to be a young soldier in order to save her old, disabled father from having to fight in the war. Aladdin takes place in India and involves a young guy pretending to be a prince in order to marry the girl he loves. Both involve magical, mythical creatures and both protagonists manage to save their entire countries from evil while on their ventures.

Why I Like It:
I love it when Disney tries to be ethnic. Although some questionable portraylas of women, both Mulan and Jasmine are pretty awesome. The soundtracks rock - I miss the days when Disnay moives were musicals with catchy songs. My favorite from Aladdin is "One Jump" and from Mulan it's "A Girl Worth Fighting For."

I Bet You Didn't Know:
Mulan was Disney's first ever DVD release.
Aladdin was the most successful film of 1992 at the box office.

Memorable Moments:
Mulan: "Sorry you had to see that, but you know how it is, when you get those manly urges! And you just got to kill something! Hm...Fix things, cook outdoors--"
Any scene with Abu. He's such a jackass. I love him - he's my hero!

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