Sunday, February 1, 2009

A little me update

My mom and dad were here this weekend and we had an AMAZING time. I may not eat again for the next week, though. We had Nuevo Laredo. And good cake. And a bottle of wine myself. And 4 margaritas. And a beer. We played lots and lots of games. Steve won Calvin Cards. The girl team won Cranium. David won Scrabble and Apples to Apples, but I should disclaimer Scrabble. David's strategy is to clog the board by playing only one or two letter words. It got to the point where we went around the table three times with no one being able to play and there were still like 5 tiles in the bag. It was awful. I have a picture.

We also went and toured David and Lauren's offices. Lauren's was really cool, and from the windows, you could see the Tyler Perry mansion! It was awesome! We had a fun family outing to the recycling center, too. Only me and the boys sorted, though, but it was nice to do a civic duty together.

We exercised as a family, too. We took the dogs walking and then did Wii Fit together. I learned that my mom cannot do a lunge.

Now, I'm going over to Aaron's house to watch the Super Bowl, but I really just want to watch the Office. David is TVoing it and I have to wait to watch it until tomorrow. I also have not done all the stuff for school I need to do. I should probably do that now.

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