Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Week Has Begun

I spent my Valentine's Day writing a brief about suppressing evidence in a murder trial. I hope yours was slightly more romantic...

I've got two job interviews tomorrow, but don't get too excited. One of them is with the Army. And secretly, I want to just go to summer school and live off government money instead of getting a job. That is, of course, unless I get offered a job paying $1000/week.

And I just have to say that this Top 100 Film list thing is way fun for me. The films thus far have been unconventional, I know, but they get better eventually. I'm also thinking about posting a list of honorable mentions (not descriptions or anything - just a list) of movies that didn't make it but are either known to be good or that I like a lot anyways. We'll see. Here's the next film:

100. The Three Muskateers
99. Independence Day
98. Kindergarten Cop
97. Hook (1991)

What It Is:
Robin Williams plays a grown up Peter Pan who gets his children kidnapped by a grown up Captain Hook (Dustin Hoffman - I LOVE YOU!). Julia Roberts plays scorned lover Tinker Bell who help Peter Panning refind his inner child in order to save his actual children.

Why I Like It:
What can I say? I'm a sucker for fairy tale adaptations and retellings (thus my love for Angela Carter and all things Disney), especially ones where the bad guys don't seem all that bad. I find Hoffman's Hook, dareIsay, lovable!

I Bet You Didn't Know:
When the family is in the airplane flying to England, you here the pilot say, "This is your Captain speaking" and it's the voice of Hoffman (playing Capt. Hook!).

Memorable Moments:
- All scenes with Ruffio
- Pirate Baseball
- "What would the world be like without Captain Hook?"


  1. The Boo Box scarred me for life me thinks. I did also just see Roofio in a movie (Take the Lead) and it made me want to watch Hook (although I never really need an excuse for that)

  2. I know the movies thus far all seem like guilty pleasures that you could watch without an excuse, but it is 100 movies, so that's what the 90s are for. I'm glad it hasn't run you off. I don't know how I feel about Roofio being in a movie as anyone but Roofio.