Saturday, June 12, 2010

Last Friday in Europe

It was the last day of class (tomorrow we just have to go get our exams and read them over for typos), and today was the first day our hotel here in Croatia got internet in our classroom!  But at least they got it working one day, right?

After that, I had another nice little Lanier get mad at me for no reason session.  I’ve become used to these.  It’s not a big deal when I can immediately go to the beach right after.  Which I did.  Then WORLD CUP!

We watched the Mexico-South Africa game down at Nichola’s pub (remember Nichola – he rented us our boat last week) and had a great time watching a game END IN A TIE!  I think soccer/football would not be so frustrating for me if someone was guaranteed to win.  After the game, we had about an hour and a half to regroup, so we headed into the Old Town Dubrovnik (the walled city that I scaled on Monday) to watch the France-Uraguay game – WHICH ALSO ENDED IN A TIE!  I’ve told everyone that someone better when something today, or I quit!  USA plays England for the first time in the World Cup since the 1950s tonight at 8:30 our time, so I plan to be decked out in red, white, and blue, and being the obnoxious American chanting “USA” the whole time!  Gotta show that patriotism!!!!  Before that, we have this dinner/reception thing on the beach.  And before that, I plan on lying on the beach for a few hours.  Red rectangle has peeled randomly (never saw it blister, itch, or otherwise indicate that it would peel in any way, shape or form) but the rest of me is getting a nice slow, healthy tan!

I have some iPhone pictures of us watching the games, but I left my cord in the room and it’s about a 15 minute walk from the lobby to my room, so I guess I’ll just post them all tomorrow.  Or the next day.  Depending on when I get some time to find internet in Bari.

There are actually a couple of other people on my same ferry to Bari tomorrow, so we’re all sharing a cab down to the port.  Hopefully, they won’t witness me getting sick all over myself.  Again.  I have lots of dramamine for the ferry so hopefully the 8 hours will be delightful instead of miserable!  Then, I check into my hostel in Bari.  I checked and they supposedly have free WiFi, so I should still be able to post/respond to things from there!

So, just because I feel like this post has been disorganized, I feel the need to recap (forgive the law student in me!):

Yesterday:  Class, Lanier “meeting”, beach, World Cup Mlini, World Cup Old Town Dubrovnik

Plans for Today:  Nap/pack, lie on the beach, Dinner/Reception thingy, USA World Cup Match

Plans for Tomorrow: Taxi/ferry to Bari, check in at Bari, ?????

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  1. what did Prof Laniard get mad with you about? doesn't he realize you are perfect in every way? maybe i need to teach him a thing or two about how we treat our women in south Georgia! (That is the georgia over here not over there - the georgia over there you might have to wear a murka and eat donkey for dinner). Harris is still in the hospital, don will stay with him today and wren will head to quitman for her grandmothers party. owen and claire road down to quitman with asher and lauren this morning, so it is just me, mom and aunt imeldia here for the weekend.
    and to quote billy crystal "have fun storming the castle",