Thursday, June 10, 2010

On a Boat Out At Sea

After class today, we took a group boat tour (about half the class stayed behind to work on their various moot court/law review try-outs – HAHAHA!  Glad I’m not a 1L!)  These are some of the views.  Sorry the pictures from my phone aren’t as good as my camera was!

boat tour 001  boat tour 003

(Above is a faraway picture of the private beach we found on Sunday.  My phone doesn’t zoom…)

boat tour 004 boat tour 005 boat tour 006

This is a big sailboat that I plan to own one day.

boat tour 007 boat tour 008

This is the island that we (not me) went cliff-diving off of!

boat tour 009 boat tour 010

The old city wall that I scaled on Monday!

boat tour 011 boat tour 012 boat tour 013

We stopped for a little bit at a beach.

boat tour 014 boat tour 017      boat tour 021 boat tour 002boat tour 015boat tour 016boat tour 018boat tour 019boat tour 020boat tour 022 boat tour 024 boat tour 025 boat tour 026 boat tour 027 boat tour 028


I have found that mood greatly depends on whether or not I’m on a boat.  I was infinitely delighted all day – such great views, great company, cool drinks – amazing!

That silly little man in the bottom photo tried to ruin my day, but a good book and an amazing sunset view from my balcony improved things again, so no worries! 

This time next week, I will be full of Mexican food, sleeping in my own bed with my precious puppy and my blankie, and missing the ocean-front real-estate!  Can’t wait to see you all!


  1. Looking forward to seeing you too, and so is Max.

  2. we have a boat in savannah too, hope you will enjoy going out on it as well.the sun is warm , the beer is cold and the bocci is waiting to be played! i have something for you when you return to savannah, i hope you will like it.
    Harris is back in atlanta at emory, don't know if anybody told you.he was sick, but it was a good sick, it meant that the proceedure he had done is working. he is due to be released Sun, night,
    Looking forward to Thursday night ...Love..Dad