Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Needed Today

As frustrating as certain moments from today were, I needed it!  We had lectures until, oh, one or so, a quick 10 minute meeting with Lanier - and then FREE!  I went to lunch up at the University cafeteria, and even though it is miserably cold and rainy – it was nice to get out somewhere new.  I was going to buy Mom a University of Johannes Kepler t-shirt and dad a sweatshirt – but their bookstore is not exactly what you think.  They didn’t have anything :(

Tomorrow is some sort of religious holiday so EVERYTHING will be closed (this is probably the third time this has happened since we’ve been here), so I had to go to town to pick up all my last-minute things: more toothpaste, more chap stick, toenail polish to prep for the beach this weekend.

I got back to my room and had literally 17 emails from 17 different people all wanting different things.  This GRA things gets OLD but with the tuition hike next year, I’ll be glad I did it!  It’s not hard stuff, it’s just one of those things that gets annoying.  It’s like – I really want to take a shower right now – but I can’t – you can in 45 minutes, but not now.  I can’t explain it, but it definitely gets old.

As a result, I was like 15 minutes late meeting my friends to go to dinner, but they were running behind as well so it works.  We walked (in the cold, miserable weather) to a little locally owned beer-garden place for dinner.  I was very frightened because even with the English translation, I had NO IDEA what ANY of the food on the menu was.  It made me very nervous – but actually, the meal was delicious.  Mine was basically a sausage wrapped in cheese and bacon and then deep fried.  I think.  So super healthy and good!  But it was good conversation, good food, and decent beer.  No complaints from me!  I took one or two pictures at the restaurant, but nothing worth uploading or posting.  Tomorrow, we're going to a concentration camp only about 5 miles from the city.  We have lectures all morning first.  I have to laundry and pack, as well, because the day after – WE FINALLY LEAVE FOR THE BEACH!!!!


  1. What beach are you going to? I'm very jealous! Watch out for naked sunbathers! Mel

  2. Dubrovnik, Croatia - super EXCITED!!!! I've been told that if Dubrovnik had sand instead of rocks, then no one would go to Hawaii - just Croatia! CAN'T WAIT!!!