Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Not much to blog about

Yesterday was an uneventful day so there’s not too much to blog about.  I balanced my checkbook, took a nap, cleaned/organized all the stuff I have to bring back to the States, swam/worked-out in the pool, hung out in the lobby, and then played some cards.  The only place that has internet is the lobby of the hotel, so pretty much any time of the day, I can go there and have a group of people to hang out with.

iphone europe 030 iphone europe 017 iphone europe 027

And that’s it.  So to make up for the lack of interesting stuff from yesterday, here are some random pictures from the long drive through Croatia (and the various stops) that we did last Saturday.

iphone europe 025 iphone europe 012iphone europe 005 iphone europe 021

(This is the dog show – I can’t remember if I talked about that before or not, but we stopped at a rest stop and found a “puppy” dog show!)

iphone europe 009 iphone europe 011  iphone europe 015 iphone europe 018 

That’s all I got.  Not completely sure what today will hold.  I plan to lie out on the beach for a little, maybe repeat my pool work-out, but beyond that…. who knows??!?!?!


  1. ho-hum, just another day studying abroad, visiting beutiful places seeing sights most folks only dream about, poor poor pitiful you. enjoy it while it lasts because in a week or so the monotany really sets in, back in the states, working for David, awaiting your last year of law school and then BAM - working for a living. ENJOY EVERY SSECOND YOU'RE OVER THERE!

  2. Rest assured, enjoying it I am. Just some days yield exciting interesting blogs, and other days are just meant for lying on the beach!