Friday, March 13, 2009

Just keep swimming.

I've been stalling posting a blog for a really long time. Sorry.

I can start with Daholonega. It was amazing, just like last time. Although last time we stayed in Helen. Dahlonega as a city was actually much more charming. We loved walking around and even did a ghost tour at night. The weather was gorgeous and we found three tasting rooms in the downtown square. I highly recommend this trip to anyone.

I only have five weeks left in the semester and then two and a half weeks of exams and I'll be a 2L. This summer, I'm taking Con Law and Basic Tax Law so that I can work in the tax clinic in Fall. I'm so nervous about a job, but all the ABA publications are saying that the assumed career path of law students in this economy should be solo practice right out of school. That's terrifying because I won't have any practical experience. So hopefully, I can either get a job or get some experience through the clinic and externships. Maybe law school wasn't such a great idea.

Speaking of this Summer, I made a list of goals I want to accomplish:
1. Make a wine. (I got a book that teaches you how to make wine at home and since I want to own a vineyard and winery one day, I need to get cracking.)
2. Finish my novel. (I've got about two chapters written and I want to get a first draft written so I can start the long editing process.)
3. Edit half of Aunt Carmela's book. (It's really long, so getting through half of it would be a relief)
4. Finish my sitcom. (It's a really good idea and I want to get something solid on my end finished so I can seek out professionals to help make it a reality.)
5. Lose 20 pounds.
6. Finish the top of my t-shirt quilt. (I haven't started it yet, but I have a pile of shirts and sweatshirts ready to go)
7. Go to summer school.
8. Make $2000. (I need that much to be able to go to law school next year.)
9. Get experience for my resume. (I hope to volunteer with my lady.)
10. Learn to swim. (Not swim, I can swim, but swim to work out.)

I love lists, if you can't tell. Now onto the other list: my Top 100 Films.
100. The Three Muskateers
99. Independence Day
98. Kindergarten Cop
97. Hook
96. Beetlejuice
95. Aladdin/Mulan(which I watched on TV yesterday!)
94. Talledega Nights
93. Back to the Future
92. Tommy Boy
91. Finding Nemo (2003)

What It Is:
An overbearing, single Dad clown fish searches the entire Pacific Ocean for his son taken by divers off the reef. The diver was an Australian Dentist. Along the way, he befriends Dory (the fish we have to thank for bringing Ellen back to us) and the two have adventures with all the dangers an ocean has to offer. Meanwhile, the son befriends his fellow tank friends in the dentist office while they attempt to escape back to the ocean. A Disney film. I wish there were more singing.

Why I Like It:
It's charming, witty, funny, and cute. I already mentioned the Ellen comeback. I love the ocean and ocean movies. It's extremely quotable. (Mine.) I like to think of sharks as alcoholics. (Mine.) And it's interesting to see a Disney movie that doesn't in some way involve a love story; they are usually better than the Prince Charming movies (barf.) (Mine.)

I Bet You Didn't Know:
Monsters, Inc, Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Cars are all referenced throughout the film. Boo's mobile, an Incredibles comic book, and a Buzz Lightyear toy are in the Dentist office. The Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story and a car from Cars drive outside the window of the office.

All the boats in the harbor have names. Some of my favorites: Bow Movement, Major Plot Point, Sea Monkey, Skiff-A-Dee-Doh-Dah, For the Birds (another Pixar short), Pier Pressure, and the Surly Mermaid.

Memorable Moments:
Any scene involving a crab or a seagull.

Mount Want-a-Hock-a-Loogey.

My Bubbles.


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