Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Brother's gotta hug!

Why do I do this to myself? I create these great to-do lists and calendars outlining exactly what I need to do and when so as to finish my papers and projects with plenty of time to spare. Then, something major interferes - like an episode of Home Movies I haven't seen yet or facebook. So I end up the day before I have to have it done (I'm going on vacation...) with the main bulk of the work staring me in the face. I guess it's called discipline and I guess I don't have enough of it. Although, I prefer to think like Peter from Office Space, "It's not that I'm lazy. I just don't care." That's the spirit...

Also, sad news, the Georgia Bill to allows alcohol sales on Sunday has officially been withdrawn. I know, sad! I don't understand the logic behind banning alcohol sales on Sunday at all. Doesn't Jesus drink? And what if my priest accidentally forgot to order more wine and the 11:30 mass doesn't have enough? He can't run across the street to pick some up. That's not right. And also, don't we Southerns take as much pride in football as we do our religion? The Super Bowl is on a Sunday, but if you run out of beer, too bad! (Who is expected to watch football sober, I mean come on!) Cagle is behind this, FYI. In case you live in Georgia and have visited a place where you could buy beer on Sundays (yes, they exist and no they are not full of heathens. The alcoholism rate is actually lower in those places), make sure you don't vote for Cagle when he runs for Governor next year!

Rant over. I think I'm all settled. I have some stuff piled up to go in the addic and some empty boxes I'm taking to Savannah next weekend, but other than that, all my stuff is up and running. I haven't quite figured out the plugs, yet. I need to get my multi-plug from my car so I can plug in my two lamps, alarm clock, printer, computer, and sewing machine in one plug. I think my fan, mirror, TV, and DVD player will all have their own homes. Let's hope.

I went to Wal-Mart today to pick up some things that I needed, like lightbulbs, ink for my printer, and refills for my air freshners. I had six things on my list, but I still managed to spend $170. I still can't figure it out. But at least everything I got was something I needed. Except for A Good Year (yay Russell!) but it was only $4.

Movie Time.
100. The Three Muskateers
99. Independence Day
98. Kindergarten Cop
97. Hook
96. Beetlejuice
95. Mulan/Aladdin
94. Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
93. Back to the Future
92. Tommy Boy (1995)

What It Is:
Chris Farley plays the druggy screwup son of a Brake manufacturer. David Spade plays one of the suits working for the dad. The dad marries a much younger women (secretly after his money) then dies, leaving Farley to stop her from ruining his father's dynasty and company. Spade helps him.

Why I Like It:
The Farley-Spade duo is just classic. It'll probably be studied in film classes in the future, along with Scott Rogen films. Plus, a fat guy is always funny. (No, no, no, thank you, Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson. You, too, Barney and Chief Wiggum.)

I Bet You Didn't Know:
Tommy Boy graduates from Marquetter University. So did Chris Farley in real life. Also, David Spade refused to get his hair done by any stylist the entire film. That makes the tuppee scene funnier.

Memorable Moments:
1. "Fat Guy in a Little Coat!"
2. Crying to The Carpenters in the car.
3. "Did I catch a niner in there?"


  1. A good year was only $4?? Somewhere I can hear Katie laughing...