Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The AC gods giveth, and the AC gods taketh away!

The AC broke. Again. This time after only three days, and two of those days I wasn't even home. So it's hot. Again. We're sleeping with the windows open. Again. And the landlord is dragging his feet to fix it. Again. I really wish I could understand how "first thing in the morning" means Friday afternoon around 4:30pm. Because that's what he said last week: "first thing in the morning." But it didn't get fixed last week until Friday afternoon. And he told us yesterday that they'd fix it that day. But then they didn't. So he said, "first thing in the morning." I'm going to egg the address we send our rent checks to. It's the only appropriate adult response.

After spending the weekend with a bunch of sick loved-ones and not getting much sleep because of the oppressive heat all week, I'm afraid I'm fight sickness, too. I'm pumping Vitamin C, water, and trying to get a workout in each day. So far it seems to keep it from fully blooming into sick and keeps everything lurking ominously as I had into my vacation weekend.

My weekends actually start Thursday night. Sure, I have law review stuff to do over weekends, but I don't have to actually get up and go places for work/class/etc. However, this week, I've come across a dilemma. Are you familiar with Groupon? If not, it's this awesome site that constantly has really cheap deals for the Atlanta area. For example, they may have where you can buy a $100 gift card to a fancy restaurant for only $20. Well, last week, they had a deal for half off Braves tickets for the Mets game tomorrow night. "No brainer," thinks I, sitting in my living room. So I purchased two and got excited for a fun little evening. However, silly me, didn't notice that this Thursday night is the FIRST EVER GEORGIA STATE FOOTBALL GAME. Pretty much every single person I know is going to the State game. Not only do I not have someone to go with me to the Braves game, I'd much rather go hang out with all my friends at the historic first game. So if you know anyone willing to buy the tickets, let me know - I'm taking best offer and cutting my losses!

I promise, at some point, I will upload the last of my Europe pictures and all the pictures from the good ole US of A since returning from Europe so that my posts get slightly more interesting. On a different note, I lead my first mediation yesterday and got a settlement! Go me!

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