Monday, September 20, 2010

Back in the USA

Here are some pictures from the month of July after I got back in the US!

Kat and Matt came down for 4th of July and rented a house on Tybee with their friends. Dad and I went to hang out! It was great fun and a beautiful home!

I was in line at Chic-Fil-A for breakfast one morning and was behind this car. The license plate reads "PD2ARGU." Bet it was an attorney!

Claire and Owie got a kitty named Alvin. I want a kitty!

Got this flat tire merging onto 285 from I-20 driving to work one day. Changed it in about 15 minutes. I'm so good at changing tires!

I bought myself this dress as a reward for my 31 pound weight-loss! I wore it yesterday - it's so cute!

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