Thursday, April 9, 2009

This is for your own good.

I'm a pretty awesome person, but lately, I've noticed some people forgetting what awesome is. So I thought to my self, how can I fix this? I came up with the brilliant idea of explaining to the world what awesome is through a series of videos. So here it goes.

Just in case you forgot what awesome is, here are a few examples.

If things remain the way they have been this week, I might have to post more examples in the future. So, stay awesome people, or else.

(Disclaimer: I do not claim nor do I in any way have [copy]rights to these videos. This posting is for educational purposes only. I'm sure others do have rights to these videos. I respectfully request those people, if they object to my educational use, to ask me to take down these videos before suing me and eating my dog for dinner. Thanks bunches.)

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