Thursday, October 1, 2009

Things You Should Never Be Without in Law School

  • chapstick - but, okay, this applies to life in general
  • a fork - plates and napkins are nice, but bulky, especially when you can always use a paper towel from the bathroom; the fork is for leftover free meals in the lobby or microwaved meals you brought from home
  • a facebook account - what law students did before facebook, I'll never know
  • a pen - pens are rapidly becoming obsolete with so many people taking notes on laptops; this year, lexis/west/barbri/pmbr rarely give them out when last year, every event had them for free; and, when they are given out these days, it's done in a 'whoa'-retro-pen type of way
  • tylenol
  • a water bottle (see prior)
  • at least one case book and one supplement - if nothing else, to make myself hope that at some point I'll use them to study with, even though we all know they are just for show
  • sunglasses on the top of your head - if you leave them in your purse, they inevitably get broken when you put your bags (with the aforementioned case book and supplement) down
  • a phone with a text messaging plan - for when facebook chat breaks and gmail is down
  • body spray - because the smell of the mold in the library needs masking
  • a bitter sarcasm accompanied with disbelief in the system - all law students have this, no matter how idealistic or naive they are; it takes approximately 6 weeks to develop upon entering law school - though some get it much sooner
  • a useless parking pass - not to mention the six flights of stairs in the urine filled stairwell at 9pm
  • caffeine
  • an alternative career path - not because you think you'll fail at law, but because it's nice to dream of jobs that don't require 3000 billable hours a year
  • gym clothes - you never know when the need to work out immediately in order to get rid of some angst will hit
  • a real lawyer's phone number - because we're all sitting around waiting for that moldy banana peel to trip us
  • my own business card - it's my token "who am I kidding, this networking ploy won't get me a job" item
  • My to do lists - they are made on old guest check pads from the years I've waited tables
  • a sweater - Urban Life Building remains a balmy 45 degrees year round, except after 8pm when the temperature rises to 120 degrees.
  • A Crush on a Professor - another item all law students have. I LOVE YOU STEPHENS!

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