Monday, October 5, 2009

More pictures!

I got my waterproof camera developed today and LOVE the pictures on it! Hope you do, too!

We stumbled upon this amazing view of the mountains after getting lost on one of the trails in the rainforest. The pictures doesn't do it justice. This was the "take-you-breath-away" moment.

Can you find the rainforest critter? Right in the middle on one of the giant leaves is a little lizard. They were

There were some amazing views around every corner. A lot of the pictures were too dark (the waterproof camera didn't have a flash) even though we were there during the day. The trees were that thick.

The roar of the rivers actually helped us when we were lost. We figured if we got close enough to water, we would find a trail again.

This is La Mina Falls. The water was freezing but that didn't stop me! The powerful force of the falls is indescribable. Even when I was just knee deep, I thought it was going to pull me in.

La Mina Falls without me in them. Just as impressive as when I was in them!

I know this picture is dark, but I thought it was a pretty shot and sorta acurately portrayed the mountains and the dense jungle. That's Katie in the foreground.

This is me deflating the floats at the end of the camping trip in Augusta. They wouldn't fit in the car inflated, but they took forever to deflate! I was the best at it!

Our tents overlooking the lake! That's Kara taking pictures in the middle and Lindsey looking at her tent, hoping it would take itself down!

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