Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Twist on My Life

Things I Hate Today:

  • People who walk in the middle of the street even though there is a sidewalk
  • Eye allergies
  • Leaving stuff at home
  • All parking decks besides M Deck
  • My cornbread going bad before I get to eat it all
  • Cars that stop in the middle of the lane and turn on their flashers to look at a map or pick someone up/drop someone off. Pull over, already!
  • Not having an umbrella
  • People who cut in line. I know you just want food, but we all just want food. Wait your turn!
  • Useless Georgia State Parking Passes
  • Let's expand that to include all of Georgia State Parking Services
  • My volunteer project getting rained out
  • The alarm sound options on my cell phone
  • Depressing financial lectures....
  • Really tall people that come in late and sit right in front of me so that I can't see anymore

Now, Things I Like Today:

  • Getting a parking space right next to the door
  • Wearing my newish yellow sweater for the first time
  • Happy Gameday!
  • Cool lecture series
  • The feeling you get the day after you accomplished a lot
  • When people want to sit next to you in the lunch room
  • That my phone auto-corrected Tish's name to Tush
  • Standing up for myself and those behind me in line (that's right - the food cutter got denied!)
  • Having sources of income
  • Voting Clicky-Thingies
  • Being prepared for Class
  • Lists

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