Thursday, September 24, 2009


In case you didn't know, I've started walking dogs and tending to the kitties at Lifeline Animal Project (the shelter that saved mine and Homer's lives last year!) every Thursday. I walked some amazing dogs today and wanted to get their pictures out on the web for everyone to see. Reece and Rosa cannot be adopted by themselves. Reece comes with his brother, Elliot, and Rosa comes with her partner, Theodore. If you want more info about any of these dogs or others (including kitties), contact me or go to

This is Rosa. She was an animal cruelty case so she had to learn survival skills. She's not so great with other dogs except Theo, her partner, but she is awesome with people and loves to give kisses!!!

This is Sailor. He's a little pit bull mix, pretty close to a year old. He's got big, uncoordinated feet, but the vet says he's done growing. He's super playful and great with other dogs and people.

This is Reece and he's one of the coolest dogs I've ever met. His tail curls, but not like other dogs, and he has these little bitty tiny ears. He's so uncooridnated and adorable! I LOVE THIS DOG! He comes with his brother Elliot who looks more German Shepherdy.

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