Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh Geeze

I have it in my planner that I need to blog but I'm pretty drained, not really tired, just drained. So I'm not going to do a movie, even though it's a good one. The list is finally getting into some of my favorite movies!

I had my first shift tonight at Ali Baba's Mediterranean Cuisine. If the money is good, I think it's really going to be cool. It's really a chill place. There are 10 tables inside and 4 outside and with the exception of some end of the week shifts, there's usually only one server on the floor. Granted, only about 7 people came in tonight, but I think the guy walked with about 50 for the shift. The food is pretty accredited - had lots of good write ups in several local papers, but the only thing on the menu I've ever heard of is hummus.

Oh, geeze. Sorry this post is so lame. Like I said, I'm drained.

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