Saturday, May 23, 2009

Charleston After a Week

I have a pretty good lead on a job. The owner of the Brickery in Atlanta knows the guy who owns the restaurant that I wanted to work at the most here in Charleston. He is going to call the owner on my behalf. So yeah, an owner calling another owner to tell him how awesome I am! Hopefully, by the end of the weekend, I will know something. I may work at the Vickery at Shem Creek or Downtown. I spent the day at the pool yesterday in celebration. I'm pretty sick of driving all over the low country to fill out applications and get rejected. So the day at the pool was nice.

I'm also reading some good books this summer! So far they include On Chesil Beach, Fingersmith, and The Known World. I highly recommend each of them. One day, I may do book reviews, but I want to finish my AFI movie list first. It's been awhile, so here's a refresher....

100. The Three Muskateers
99. Independence Day
98. Kindergarten Cop
97. Hook
96. Beetlejuice
95. Mulan/Aladdin
94. Talledega Nights
93. Back to the Future
92. Tommy Boy
91. Finding Nemo
90. Borat
89. Chicago
88. Zoolander
87. Apollo 13
86. Grease
85. The Thin Red Line
84. Born Into Brothels: Calcutta's Red-Light District (2004)

What It Is:
A documentary. I love documentaries. This photographer goes into the brothels in India and teaches the children of the prostitutes about art and photography. It's really sad because the girls are so young and the mothers are determined for their daughters to become prostitutes so that they can have money. The photographer tries to get the kids into schools and get their art shown and sold around the world to get them out of that life. It's moving and beautiful and everyone should watch it.

Why I Like It:

I just love documentaries. This one is particularly well done because you really get the feel of how hard it is to make a documentary and how dedicated documentary filmmakers are to their film subjects. She really cares about the kids and not only teaches the photo classes but sits through all the beaurocratic crap that even the kids parents aren't willing to do. It's inspiring in a non-cheesy, non-after-school-special way.

I Bet You Didn't Know:
Anything about this film. Most don't. This isn't the only documentary on my list so be prepared.

Memorable Moments:
The art show in Amsterdam was a highlight. I also like all the pretty pictures the kids take.

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