Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Feel Bad

I feel so bad that I've neglected my poor little blog for so long! I kept saying that when I get my pictures uploaded, I would have a new post, but I don't know when that's going to happen - so you get a nice little text blog.

So far this semester has been kicking my bootay! I'm crazy busy and it's only half way through the second week. I decided to drop one of my classes and opt for a 1-hour independent research to replace it. My indendent research is going to be what I'm writing my law review note on - The Tri-State Water Wars!!! Yay! I get 3 birds: to go back to my old love of water rights, potentially get published, and get to put law review on my resume all with one big, giant stone of a paper! (On a side note, my official Water Rights blog is back up and running to help my along my way.) My other classes include Wills Trusts and Estates, Advance Legal Research, and Corporations. I dropped Copyrights.

In addition to my classes and independent study, I'm externing this semester at the Fulton County Superior Court. I'm now officially registered as a Mediator for the state of Georgia (so if anyone needs a mediator, let me know - I'm cheap!!!) My externship focuses exclusively on Landlord-Tenant mediation, so I'm learning a lot of property law really quickly in addition to the mediation process. I'm not in love with it, but it's great to get real world experience instead of sitting in the classroom the whole time. Plus, I'm making some great connections with attorneys up at the courthouse 10 hours each week.

And in addition to the classes and externship, I have 4 on campus jobs this semester: library graduate research assistant, Prof. Lanier's graduate research assistant, Lexis Student Associate and Web Course Specialist, and Kaplan PMBR Student Rep. Trying to squeeze in all the necessary training and hours and etc. etc. has been super hectic (thus dropping Copyrights), but hopefully I can manage it all.

After two months and my newly learned Landlord-Tenant Law, we've finally think we've scared our landlord into attempting to fix our AC. They sent a guy out for the third time yesterday and it just made it hotter. (It was about 85 degrees when we went to bed.) Afterward, we got an email from the landlord who said they were going to replace the unit with a bigger unit by the end of the week. So we had to send an email back saying NO - the AC guy said it was the ducts that were leaking under the house which is why about half the vents don't have any air coming in them at all. If you replace the unit with one bigger, it's just going to leak more air out through the ducts under the house and not get any air inside and we'll still be stuck with a huge electric bill. We'll see what they say to that. Don't worry, this is all documented if we have to do something drastic!!

It's four, so I'm off to one of my other jobs - PMBR. Hope to post again soon!

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