Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Educational Tools for the Masses

I'm pretty sure I've done a similar themed blog before, but I think it's time it got resurfaced. I start with a list of things that irritate me, followed by a list of things make me happy. I conclude with a few things that are awesome (or a lesson in cool.) Absorb this information.

Things That Annoy Me Today:
  • Two SUVs taking up 4 parking spaces on the first floor of the parking deck. Some of the rest of us would like to park on the first floor.
  • No toilet paper in the bathroom stall I go in to. This happens to me at an alarming rate. It must stop or I'll simply start carrying toilet paper around with me
  • Spending money of ingredients for a new recipe, following all the directions exactly, and the end product just tasting horrible. Yes, I'm talking to you, Puerto Rico Cookbook!
  • Whatever is happening to the skin of my right hand index finger
  • The newest version of Microsoft Office Word.
  • Making a stupid, careless error at work that costs me more time!
  • Certain smells
  • The complete lack of commitment from any of my legal support staff.

Things That Make Me Happy Today
  • My jobs. I might complain about no free time, but I legitimately enjoy all three of my jobs.
  • My house. Sure, the roof leaks, we don't have heat or AC and a colony of feral cats inhabits the back yard, but I do love it.
  • Walking around campus and feeling like everyone knows who I am, even if I don't know them. (I've always loved that feeling - even way back in high school.)
  • New York City
  • Comments on my water rights blogs from people I don't know - which means people are reading it! (The link again: http://waterrights.wordpress.com/)
  • My family
  • My delicious lunch (though I wish I had packed more!!)
  • Friendly text messages from those I love!
Things That, For the Record, Are Awesome:

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