Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Hiatus Officially Over

As this post's title suggests, my Christmas Hiatus is officially over. I start classes again next week so I'm back to the ball and chain. Over break, I went to New York City, Savannah, and Charleston. All trips were fabulous, but it's nice to finally sleep in my bed again, though that bed might be moved soon. We think we've found a place to live, final decision to be made Thursday. Pictures of the trips and new house will surely follow.

My class schedule is pretty hectic this semester, when combined with my three jobs. Good news, I'm only on campus Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday; bad news is I'm there for 13 hours each of those days, with Top of Mind on Monday and Tuesdays. Not to mention the LSRJ events and conference I have to put on. Oh, brother!

Finally, I've started posting on my water rights blog the paper I did on invasive species. Please check the site, linked here: legal water issues by Carmela Orsini, to learn about invasive species and other legal issues.

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