Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You Don't Want to Miss This One

I've been home sick for two days, and, as a result, have found some of the best news stories out there on the web! Here are my top 3. You'll thank me, later.

3. This is a list of the top ten fast food chains for customer service. It made my top three for two reasons: 1. I think it's funny that fast food chains get evaluated for service and 2. In-N-Out Burger was number 1. We all know how passionate I am about In-N-Out Burger, even though I've only been there once in my life:

2. Did you know there's a place in the world where you can drive a 60 ton house across a frozen lake in winter? Thanks, White Bear Lake, Minnesota, for this video that made me thankful for 60 degree weather! (Just watch the video on the link, it wouldn't let me embed it)

1) And the Number One Internet News Craze. It's number one not only because it's from Georgia, but it screams class. Insert sarcasm. It would be fun to watch if it were a show in Vegas, not 14 year old girls at a high school basketball game. The title of the dance performance is "Sluts of Jonesboro." Although I'm embedding the video, I'm also sharing the link to the article, because the comments on the article's page make the whole thing so much classier.
Jonesboro DanceTeam 2009

As a final note, because Val stole my AFI post, I now am required to steal her idea of coming up with my own Top 100 films. It might be awhile before I get it finished, but I hope this implants in you avid anticipation.

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